Message from former President Mwinyi:


When I was approached to be the Patron of this organisation, the directors explained their vision and ambition for the organisation.  I have to say I was impressed – these people were so passionate and committed to helping this most vulnerable group of children. 


The potential for this organisation to further improve cancer treatment for children is huge and I was proud to say yes when asked for support.


I thank you for your interest and  I encourage you to support Tumaini La Maisha in the future as it tries to ensure that children with cancer have a voice and that Tanzania becomes an example to all African Nations of what is possible if you have commitment and passion to help children with cancer.


Yours Sincerely,

Hon Ali Hassan Mwinyi


Former President of Tanzania


Message from Father Terry Cantwell:


The first time I met Dr. Trish Scanlan in Dar es Salaam she was really struggling in a hugely overcrowded ward full of children with cancer. There was neither room nor medicine to treat them.


Now just seven years later when I visit Dar I find the children being nursed in a state of the art unit in Muhimbili Hospital where all their needs are cared for. It is truly a miracle and is thanks to the generosity of many people whom Dr.Trish has brought together both in Tanzania and around the world. The Trust continues this marvellous work for the care of children with cancer in Tanzania and I am pleased and honoured to be asked to be one of it's patrons.



Fr Terry Cantwell is a Salvatorian father who has lived in the rural South of Tanzania in a little village called Chingulungulu for more than 37 years. During that time he helped his parishioners with education, access to health care, clean water and solar power. He was instrumental in helping many students of the District receive a third level education. Although a modest man he has had an incredibly positive impact on the region which will be felt for many years to come.


He has been a supporter of the children's cancer programme since 2007 and with his brother Fr Des and the parish of Chipperfield in the UK, helped to finance and source the first chemotherapy available for all childhood malignancies at the Ocean Road Cancer Insititute. He has remained a wonderful friend of the programme since then.

We Are TLM

TLM is a Tanzanian based NGO dedicated in providing free and curative care for all children with cancer in Tanzania

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