'The person who inspires me most...'

'The person who inspires me the most is Dr Trisha Scanlan. Trisha is a paediatric oncologist which is a specialist doctor who treats children with cancer. She has used her gifts of courage, knowledge and right-judgment throughout her life to improve the lives of others. Dr Trish first travelled to Tanzania while studying medicine in UCD, when she came back she decided that she could do much more in Tanzania for children than she could in Ireland. She studied some more to become a pediatric oncologist and in 2006 she returned to the Ocean Road cancer institute in Dar es Salam, Tanzania. At that time, less than 100 new children attended the facility. Now, more than 500 new children are treated

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Tumaini La Maisha means hope for life and is the name of our head organisation based in and working for the people of Tanzania. Our sister NGOs Their Lives Matter Ireland and UK support our fundraising and advocacy work and are registered separately. 

Together, we work with a single focus - our goal above. Together, We Are TLM. Together, we can.

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Tumaini La Maisha Tanzania

Muhimbili National Hospital

Dar es Salaam

Their Lives Matter Ireland 


Upper Windgates




Their Lives Matter  UK 

21 Edgar Road,



Tanzanian NGO number: 00001435

Irish Charity number: 20103798


 UK charity number 1163135

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