May 2, 2018

I decided, when travelling to Tanzania this year, to arrive in daytime. I figured it wouldn't do to make first landing in this new country at night, when it was so remote and exotic to me, with my life for two months in my backpack.

And so I chose the later flight on D...

November 9, 2017

In 2015, Alqaim Lalani then a student of the International School of Tanganyika (IST) led a group called the ‘Cancer Initiative’. They came once each week to Ujasiri Hostel and taught the kids various skills such as numeracy and the arts. From this, the young student s...

July 31, 2015

When Little Warda came to us first she was extremely malnourished frightened and had been sick for many months. Her little belly was full of a kidney tumour called a Wilms Tumour.


We knew her tumour was sensitive to chemotherapy so we were hopeful when we started her c...

July 25, 2015


Supporting Medical Experts in Tanzania


Operation Child Life is an Irish based NGO that provides access to paediatric medical and sugical expertice to resource limited facilities across the globe. Their services are provided on a strictly volunteer basis. They never wo...

July 21, 2015

Introducing Dr Jane Kaijage, our child whisperer. She is a very special doctor who single handedly ran the children's cancer ward from 2004 when it began until Dr Trish came to help her in 2007. She has a remarkable memory and knows every single child she has ever trea...

July 21, 2015

Meet Mariam - one of the first children to recieve treatment for Leukaemia on the Children's cancer ward at the Ocean Road Cancer Institute in 2007.


She was a remarkable child. Always in good form even when she was deparately ill. She promised once she wa...

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