Annika Milisic-Stanley

KiliMarathon Project


My name is Annika, I am a mother of three and my own mother is fighting cancer. I am running a Half Marathon for the second year in the Kilimanjaro Marathon for ‘We are TLM’. I started running races in 2020, and decided to race for charity last year.

The money that you help me to raise will go to help support the free children’s cancer unit in Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre in Moshi, the town where the race is held. They are treating 100 children, currently. Tumaini la Maisha helps KCMC with chemo meds, technical advice, bone marrow needles, staff stipends, patient transport, leukaemia diagnostics access, and other support.

The earlier cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better, and we have little lives to save!

Please will you help me to support ‘We are TLM’ in their mission?


TSh 1186700 of 2000000 raised