The fabulous Dr Jane!

Introducing Dr Jane Kaijage, our child whisperer. She is a very special doctor who single handedly ran the children's cancer ward from 2004 when it began until Dr Trish came to help her in 2007. She has a remarkable memory and knows every single child she has ever treated - one day I heard her remark to child who appeared on the ward 'Hassan where have you been - you're last appointment was 5 years ago'!!!!

She is also the doctor we turn to when a child is struggling to cope. She has the gentlest of manners and can calm the most upset or frightened child. It is truly a gift. We are very lucky to have Dr Jane at the centre of our palliative care programme.

She is also an extremely competent research trial manager. She was the local manager of a multicentre collaborative clinical study on the treatment of Burkitt's Lymphoma and thanks to her efforts more children in her centre survived than at any other.

Wonderful warm wise Dr Jane. Thank you for all you do.

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