Wonderful Warda - Wilm's tumour had no chance :-)

When Little Warda came to us first she was extremely malnourished frightened and had been sick for many months. Her little belly was full of a kidney tumour called a Wilms Tumour.

We knew her tumour was sensitive to chemotherapy so we were hopeful when we started her chemo and sure enough within just a few days her tumour began to shrink.

On day 4 of treatment however her belly suddenly began to swell again and she became extremely unwell. This was because the dying tumour began to bleed internally. She was critically ill and we feared she would not survive.

Warda's wonderful mother and a number of fantastic staff members all donated blood to provide her with several life saving units of blood she needed. And then her tumour stopped bleeding..... And everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief.

She completed her one year of curative intenseive treatment. She was incredibly brave throughout......and now she only comes to visit us once a year just to show how beautiful and clever she is growing up to be. She comes with her excellent school reports!

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