TLM Piggy Banks for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

We need your help.

In the last ten years, survival rates have gone from less than 10% to more than 65%, but we still have work to do. In order to reach every child with treatment on time, we are expanding our services in partnership with the Ministry of Health and government health centres across Tanzania.

We are working tirelessly to reach and treat for free, the 4,000+ children who develop the disease here every year. We’re making progress but without your support, we will not get there.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month and marks the launch of our TLM Piggy Bank Campaign. The Piggy Bank comes as a flatpack card and can be folded into a box in which change, cash and donations can be put.

Email or / fill in our contact sheet here or dm us on instagram to get yours and get going!!!

Childhood cancer is largely curable when treated on time and with the correct protocols - Together we can!

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