Meadhbh's Tumaini La Maisha Journey.

Last year, I had the privilege of volunteering with Tumaini La Maisha (Hope for Life) for eight months. After leaving to study and returning to volunteer and conduct research, I was hired as part of the team I already viewed as family.

I can't say for certain that I have ever had two even remotely similar working days throughout the year here. Such is life in a small organization with a huge mission.

What I can say for certain is that the small, local team with whom I work, fight day in and day out to reach and treat these children as if though they are our own. It is unacceptable to us in today’s world that cancer be fatal based on where a child is born. Childhood cancer is curable, when treated on time and with the correct protocols.

We have grown in the last 10 years from one room, to a sizable ward and hostel facility, to six sister centres across Tanzania. Our goal is 30 centres, so that no child is more then a 4hour journey to appropriate and free treatment.

My financial goal on may seem ambitious, but so are Tumaini La Maisha's targets. Everything from school, nutrition, skills, medication, psycho-social therapy and outings are given to every child and guardian free of charge. The success of our nationwide expansion is not only important for Tanzania, but is paving the way for all other children with cancer in low resource settings (85% cases globally).

Give what you can. Share if you can. Together we can!

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