Help TLM through #COVID19

#COVID19 has increased the already overwhelming pressure on global health systems. TLM would like to commend and thank all those acting with professionalism, integrity and kindness in these unprecedented times.

At our Hub in Muhimbili Hospital we treat hundreds of children every year. Our main concern always, is having enough chemotherapy and antibiotics to safeguard these children’s lives. The help we get from this amazing hospital in the form of cannulas, blood bags, syringes, IV fluids and so on, we are now choosing to source ourselves.

Our number one concern is that the cancer these children have, doesn’t kill them. We understand that increased pressure on everyone will mean that resources are redirected and repurposed. We ask you to consider the costs we have to find ways to cover so that these little people can grow to be big and strong.

The following are needed urgently and we are asking you to help with whatever you can.

Please note as we expect a critical shortage of every conceivable item we are assuming we will have to provide every consumable for the children so the hospital can concentrate on patients with the virus.

Here is the list of what consumables (other than medications) we need for the next 4 months:

If you have any questions about how to help us stock up and be prepared please do not hesitate to email


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