2024 January – March Newsletter

1st Mo Dewji Foundation Donation

Starting off the year on an extreme power note! Thanks to the generous donation of TZS 100,000,000 from the Mo Dewji Foundation, we’re equipped to make an even greater impact as we are grateful for the support that fuels our mission!

8thUjasiri Revamped By Legions

A huge thank you to Legions Tz, a group of students and young professionals across Dar-es-Salaam, who raised funds through their club and chose to renovate the Ujasiri House; also participated in the painting of murals and the house walls, making the Ujasiri House more colorful and lively!!
Thank you so much Legions!!

16thGodly Women’s Visit

A special thank you to the Godly Woman group for visiting us. They generously treated the children and their caregivers to a delicious lunch and cake. Additionally, they brought essential nutritional ingredients, stationary for the children, office supplies, and toiletries, making a significant and much appreciated contribution. Asanteni sana

17th Responsible Mother’s Visit

A big thank you to the Responsible Mothers group for their visit and thoughtful gifts for the children, including toiletries and nutritional ingredients. Your generosity is truly appreciated.

18th Volunteer Fatuma Bids Farewell

Hats off to Fatuma! A remarkable volunteer and medical student! Your commitment to us is truly inspiring and we thank you for taking time to volunteer here with us. Want to follow in Fatuma’s footsteps? Find out more about the different ways you can help through the link HERE.

21st TLM Staff Retreat

What an amazing staff retreat we had which was nothing short of incredible!! It was a blast of fun, laughter with amazing team bonding and team building activities. But the highlight??? Our Secreto gift exchange!!! It’s safe to say our team knows how to pick the perfect gifts!

Here’s to the incredible team we have and fantastic memories created. Our team is now geared up and ready to conquer 2024 together!!

23rd EUBG Fundraise For TLM

A heartfelt thank you to the European Business Group in Tanzania for raising Tzs 872,600 at the EUBG end of year party in December. We appreciate you and look forward to exploring further partnerships and opportunities together to make a difference for the courageous children battling cancer in Tanzania.

24th Wings Of Support Donation

A big thank you to Wings of Support donation of clown outfits and accessories! TLM clown doctors bring joy to children on their healing journey through play. The magic they create is made possible by the kindness of friends and supporters like you!

26th Direct Relief Visit

Our friends from Direct Relief Visited – they have been an incredible support to us providing general consumables, medications, chemotherapy, cold chain essentials and helped us build 2 cold rooms – both donated to MNH.

29th Flow Training Launched

Dr Trish started a week of inspiring meetings and clinical collaborations with the folks at KCMC and KCRI and Mr Sean Rooney from Children’s Health Ireland in Crumlin. A week of flow training launched the KCRI team National service for leukaemia diagnostics. Lots of other plans to strengthen our collaboration with the team at KCMC were discussed.

30th Rotary Visit Upendo & Tumaini Ward

Thank you Rotary Club of Dar-es-salaam Oysterbay for visiting us and help in bringing smiles and joy to the children at the ward. A big thank you to our friend Ms. Nadine for organizing this visit and for the donation of bedsheets for Ujasiri Hostel.

6th The Future of Cancer Forum

Dr. Trish attended the Tanzania – US Investors’ Forum on the future of Cancer Care in Africa, led by President Mwinyi. This significant event aims to pave the way for ground breaking advancements in cancer care across the continent as well as working collaboratively to strengthen cancer care, education and research to end suffering from cancer disease in Africa.

The forum serves as a platform for potential domestic and foreign investors, as well as intermediaries, to explore opportunities for investment and collaboration in the critical field of cancer care.

By coming together, we can drive innovation, improve access to quality treatment, and ultimately make a profound impact on healthcare outcomes in Africa.

8th We Bid Farewell To Teacher Doris & Sr. Joyce

We bid fare well to our incredible team members; Doris Kibula and Joyce Kopwe who are retiring after having been with us for over 10 years!!! We thank them for their tireless support, dedication, hard work but most of all; the countless memories made with us! May the days ahead be filled with relaxation, joy, and the fulfilment of all your dreams.

10thSurvivor Bernard Shares His Story

We are grateful to Bernard for joining us in today’s support group and sharing with us his journey as an Osteosarcoma survivor!!
Our support group serves as a lifeline for patients and their parents, offering much needed motivation, inspiration, and emotional support. Through shared experiences and stories like Bernard’s, we find strength in unity as together we navigate the highs and lows of childhood cancer journey, reminding each other that we are never alone. .
Thank you to all who contribute to our community of love, support, and healing.

11th Dr. Jeremie Returns

Delighted to welcome back Dr Jeremie Hassan who visits for a month. He was one of the creators of our CleverChemo excel based application that has been used for over 8 years at MNH and will be launched at KCMC during this visit. Karibu tena Jeremie!

15th International Childhood Cancer Day 2024

On this International Childhood Cancer Day, let’s remember that every child battling cancer deserves equal access to the best care, treatment, and support. Let’s work together to break down barriers, advocate for equal access to healthcare,and ensure that no child fights alone.

We came together to honour Childhood Cancer Day with love, laughter, and unity!!! From a fun parade, to inspiring survivor stories to interactive activities and a blood donation drive; every moment reminded us of the strength and bravery of these young warriors.

Thank you to Mo Dewji Foundation, Happy Welfare Foundation, White sands Resort, Wings of support, Prisca Kishamba, ITV, Wings media, K-media and everyone who joined us and celebrated with us today we truly appreciate you!

16th Lions Club Support

Our gratitude goes out to the Lions club District 411C, Lions club of infinity, Lions club of Incredibles and lions club of host for their incredible support to cover test payment for 25 children and other medical supplies, nutritional ingredients and play therapy and schooling stationary items. The Lions Clubs also launched their own KIBUBU fundraising box for the month of Ramadan!
A very big thank you to each Lion for the incredible support!!

16th TLM DRs. In Iringa

Drs. Trish, Miraji and Jeremie visited the Regional Hospital in Iringa and had a wonderful discussion with the management and clinical teams about the TLM National Children’s Cancer Network, NCCN – who have agreed and signed an MOU making Iringa the latest hospital to join the network.

19th Palliative Care Treatment Training

Congratulations to the 12 incredible individuals who participated in the Palliative Care Treatment Training program. Your dedication to enhancing the lives of patients and families facing challenging circumstances is truly inspiring. The training was facilitated by TLM to empower our team across the NCCN with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional care and comfort. A heartfelt thank you to PFIZER for the funding in making this training possible!

19th TLM DRs Take on Karatu

Dr’s Trish, Miraji and Jeremie next took a 12-hour journey to Karatu village near the Ngorongoro Crater to visit the management and clinical teams at FAME hospital. They loved their time there and they have also agreed to review an MOU and hopefully consider joining the NCCN.

20th Lions Spend The Day At Ujasiri

A very big thank you to the FDI and IT District Officer Lion Sabira Saleh along with the Lions & Leo club of DSM Tanzanite for spending the day with us and joining in on the different activities as well as for the beautiful gift packs of fruits, milk, toys and stationary for the kids and parents. We appreciate you!

20th TLM Meets Nomad Safaris

The traveling team met with Lucy and Helen from Nomad Safaris who are arranging an awareness week for lots of medical conditions in villages surrounding one of their Safari lodges. TLM were delighted to accept the invitation to participate and discuss the early warning signs of Childhood Cancer.

21st CleverChemo Setup At KCMC

Dr Trish and Dr Jeremie went on to KCMC where Jeremie spent the remainder of the week with the doctors on the children’s oncology ward setting up the CleverChemo programme.

25th Kilimanjaro International Marathon 2024

Wrapping up the month with HUGE congratulations to everyone who participated in the Kilimanjaro International Marathon and raising funds for kids battling cancer in Tanzania!!
The incredible efforts, dedication and perseverance through out the entire marathon is so inspiring and we are thrilled to announce that from the collective efforts of all 16 runners raised a respectable $5,300!!!

26th Prof. Corbally Returns

We were thrilled to welcome back Professor Martin Corbally(Dr), Founder and Programme Director of Operation Childlife, and Dr Dahfir Al Khudhairi, Consultant Anaesthetist alongside new visitors Professor Gabriel Fox, Consultant Paediatrician and students Ms Sumaiya Asif (SC2) and Ms Maram Yusuf (N4). They visited for a week and worked with our wonderful surgical colleagues at MNH on some of the most challenging surgical conditions. It was a super week with lots of interesting cases completed successfully. During their visit they were able to perform 11 complex paediatric surgeries! Thank you Prof. Corbally and team for your dedication to us!

26th New Collaboration Alert!

Excited to announce the start of a new collaboration between TLM, DCU, MUHAS and MNH, (and CHI in Dublin) nursing department. We had the pleasure of welcoming 3 faculty members from the DCU paediatric nurse training faculty who visited MUHAS/MNH for a week and it was a wonderfully fruitful visit. The first cohort of trainees will visit MUHAS later this year with a return cohort of Tanzanian nurse trainees visiting Dublin shortly after.

29th RIP TLM Patron- President Mwinyi

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of former President Ali Hassan Mwinyi, who also served as our esteemed patron. Our thoughts are with his family and loved ones during this difficult time.
May his legacy of service and leadership continue to inspire generations. Rest in peace President Mwinyi

2ndKids Day Out To Water World

What an amazing day of fun at Water World for the kids!!! A huge thank you to Water World and White Sands Resort for making this memorable experience possible, bringing a ray of joy to children battling cancer!

3rd ARiS Visits TLM

A big thank you to ARiS for paying us a visit and learning more about what we do. Thank you for your donation of diapers and we look forward to future partnerships and collaborations.

4th TLM Collaborates With Nomad Safaris

We’re thrilled to share our latest collaboration with Nomad Tanzania as we expand our outreach programs to villages around the Serengeti, spreading knowledge and awareness every step of the way! Dr Magreth represented us for the week.

Throughout this incredible journey, we visited 4 main villages, highlighting the urgent need for education and support and were able to review nearly 50 children. We’re proud to have shared our services with these communities, offering hope and assistance where it’s needed most.

A massive thank you to Nomad Tanzania for their support in making this outreach journey possible!

5th Welcome To The Team Prisila

Shining the Spotlight on Prisila!
Witnessing Prisila’s remarkable journey from Hodgkin lymphoma patient to caregiver is truly awe-inspiring! In 2015, she began her courageous battle against cancer, and now, 9 years later, she’s part of our nursing healthcare team at Tumaini la Maisha. We’re beyond proud to welcome her to our team!!!

Click HERE for TLM inspirational stories

8th International Women’s Day 2024

Today and every day, we celebrate the remarkable contributions of women in our organization. HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY to all the phenomenal women making a difference in the fight against childhood cancer in Tanzania.

8th UBX Tanzania Donates To TLM

A big thank you to UBX Tanzania for their love and care and for donating pharmacy fridge, office printer, houseitems such as khangas, washing detergents, cleaning equipment and toiletries!

8th Sciex Visits TLM

In the spirit of Women’s Day; thank you Sciex for extending a helping hand to young cancer patients, demonstrating your commitment to making a difference in the lives of those in need through the donation of toiletries and nutritional ingredients.

16th St. Patrick’s Charity Ball

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for such an incredible turnout and support at our St. Patrick’s Charity Ball!! Thank you to everyone who attended the ball and for your extreme generosity as we are thrilled to announce that after all bills paid we have raised an astounding $70,000 for childhood cancer services in Tanzania!

Your presence and contributions have made a significant difference to childhood cancer patients and we cannot thank you enough. A special shout out to all our amazing sponsors, donors and attendees for your support and dedication to our cause and thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with us.

We would like to say a special word of thanks to our amazing organising committee – this team of dedicated TLM supporters have been meeting weekly for the last 6 months. The success of the event is all down to them!

18th PAIRS Training Commences

We’re thrilled to share about our recent training sessions by PAIRS Group Ireland (Paediatric Assessment Intervention Resuscitation Skills) training that took place at MNH with participants from KCMC and Bugando Medical Center. It was an enriching experience aimed at enhancing paediatric care skills.
In addition, a two-day Train the Trainer (TOT) program was successfully conducted with the focus on promoting Paediatric Oncology Nursing expertise in Tanzania. This TOT initiative was a collaborative effort between Global Hope, MNH and TLM, involving participants from KCMC, BMC, and MNH.

These efforts signify our ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare education and expertise in Tanzania.

Kudos to all involved for their dedication and hard work!

22nd 2nd National Peads Meeting

TLM, Global Hope and MUHAS hosted the second national paediatric oncology protocol review meeting. We brought together all available paediatric oncologists and fellows to discuss the development and sign off of our new Burkitts Lymphoma protocol which will be launched at 3 sites – MNH,KCMC and BMC in the coming months.

23rd St. Monica Parish Visits TLM

A big thank you to St. Monica parish of Mwenge for visiting us and praying with us as well as bringing us gifts worth Tzs 1,200,000.

25th The Kids Take On National Exams

We’re thrilled to share that 12 children from grades 1-6 sat for their national exams and we are happy to report that all 12 aced their exams with flying colours!!!

A huge shout out to our incredible teachers and the entire TLM education team for their hard work and dedication.

26th Auction Coaching

We were honoured to be asked to share our experience and expertise through peer-to-peer coaching on best practices for successful online and live auction that was organized by ALSAC. It was an amazing and interactive session with participants from 7 different organizations across the globe that have partnered with ALSAC/ St. Jude.

31st Happy Easter

Happy Easter! The kids had a fantastic time this Easter Sunday, all thanks to our wonderful friends at DIA for the invite. Wishing all our friends, donors and supporters a happy and joyful Easter!!

Inspiration Story Of The Month- AMANI

Amani’s story is one of absolute bravery, hope, and triumph. A story of how dreams flourish even in the darkest moments.
Just like any other 10 year old boy, Amani loves playing football, video games and enjoys a good laugh with his fellow mates.

After returning home from school one day his mother noticed a small swelling on his neck not bigger than a maize grain and initially dismissing it as a mosquito bite. However, as the days went by the little swelling continued to grow and that was when his grandfather took him in to see the doctor at Mbeya referral hospital which is one of TLM’s partner sites. The diagnosis delivered a devastating blow- cancer.

Swiftly, the hospital coordinated with TLM, facilitating transportation- one of the services provided by TLM for all children. Amani and his grandmother came to Muhimbili National hospital where he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Amani’s battle against cancer began, it was not easy as the combination of his disease and chemotherapy affected his appetite leading to severe weight loss. Luckily with the support of TLM’s locally sourced fresh whole food nutrition program- fruit smoothies, magic porridge, coconut based supplements and pea-based protein body building balls, Amani’s immunity and strength returned over time.

As soon as Amani felt a little better he insisted on restarting his studies. He did not want this cancer diagnosis to get in the way of his school progress. With TLM’s educational program, he has been able to not only catch up on all his lessons but also sit and pass his standard 4 national exams with flying colours – all the while receiving chemotherapy every 2 weeks.

Amani dreams of becoming a doctor, but not just any doctor but a clown doctor like one of our TLM playteam, who uses jokes and laughter to aid in healing the sick.

Let’s all continue to help Amani and kids like him fulfil their dreams by supporting TLM’s activities and programs through the link here.

Mark your calendars for these exciting upcoming events in Q1 2024!

Galway Spring Fling- 18th May

People of Galway get ready for the annual Spring fling!!! Filled with amazing auction and raffle prizes and music by the legendary Bone factory for just 120E!!! Tickets are available here

Survivors Week- 24th-28th June

oin us for an empowering week of activities, celebration and support as we honor all childhood cancer survivors in Tanzania.

Details about the event will soon be posted on TLM social media pages.

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