TLM Ireland Financial Report

Year end 2018

TLM Ireland Financial Report

Year end 2017

TLM UK is a vital and cherished member of our team of international organisations. We are so grateful to all our UK donors and supporters throughout the years. From amazing musicians, gifted medics, organisational whizz-kids and loving friends; with your support, you have made our work in Tanzania stronger and more resilient.

In terms of financial transparency and accountability, our TLM accounts are yet to reach the financial threshold that would require auditing. However, we are delighted to attach an annual report and expenditure overview to give you an idea of how our money is spent. We look forward to growing our UK NGO more and more every year.

The children’s cancer programme at Upendo ward is a true example of a collaborative public private NGO partnership in action. Without each partner fully engaging in the work, none of the successes we have achieved would have been possible.

The Tanzanian Ministry of Health and social welfare, our local and international medical family and all the many public and private donors and supporters are vital.

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