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Kilimarathon 2023

For the second year running (pun intended) Tumaini la Maisha is delighted to announce we have been nominated the 2023 Kilimanjaro Marathon official charity!!
If you are running you can  request a free fundraising page to help promote your run. If you are not running please consider supporting our runners.

Make and Impact

We Are TLM #MakeAnImpact projects are little requests for funding that arise across all areas of our work. Whether we urgently need something repaired, need special chemotherapy to treat a child, or need your help to safely transport children to their clinical appointments, they can be a whole host of things. All equally important, just like each of our little friends.

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Plants for Life


Although there has been a lot of positive change in the treatment and survival of patients with cancer, the diagnosis still leads to much pain, heartache, fear and at least for a while, can be a complete life changer, not only for the one who get it but also for those who are related to the patient. The heart of this mission is to restore the beautiful smiles and happiness in the faces, souls and lives of the little patients served by TLM as well as their families.

Plant For Life

Kibubu Campaign

Kibubu/ Money boxes are flat pack cardboard awareness and fundraising boxes designed by TLM and distributed to school children. Each Kibubu Box represents a child in Tanzania who develops cancer each year. Kibubu boxes are delivered to schools, each with their own serial number and registration form where participants can set a fundraising goal, write a message to the children on the ward and keep track of donations if they wish to do. Kibubu campaigns have raised over $75,000 for TLM since the first campaign in 2019.

Kibubu Campaign


The success of our programmes depends largely on the many volunteers who help us. Volunteering is a great way to gain practical experience and have a positive impact on the lives of others. Click here for our top tips when considering volunteering with us. If you are a: medical student doctor nurse teacher musician artist manager fundraiser or would just like to get involved, please fill out one of the following forms and we will reply shortly by email. English Volunteer form English | Swahili Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer with TLM

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