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Our Goal : 'To provide free and curative care for every child with cancer in Tanzania'.

Before the fight against children’s cancer in Tanzania began in 2004, 9 out of 10 children with cancer died. Survival rates of those presenting for treatment have gone from around 5% to 65% in the last number of years.


We will not stop however, until we reach every child in Tanzania and give them a chance at survival equal to that of patients in resource rich settings. 

Tumaini La Maisha means Hope for Life and is the name of our head organisation based in and working for the people of Tanzania. Our sister NGOs Their Lives Matter Ireland and UK support our fundraising and advocacy work and are registered separately (see below).

Together, we work with a single focus - our goal above. Together, We Are TLM. Together, we can. 

We Are TLM

TLM is a Tanzanian based NGO dedicated to providing free and curative care for all children with cancer in Tanzania.

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