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To join our GEM CLUB (donors who give every month) please choose the recurring monthly donation option & help us save lives every day.

Any amount will bring us closer to protecting the immunocompromised children currently on our ward,

reaching those we are yet to treat and the long term survival of the services we provide. 

We also fundraise for various small projects we call #MakeAnImpact projects which can be seen here! We Are TLM These little project requests for funding that arise across all areas of our work. Whether we urgently need something repaired, need special chemotherapy to treat a child, or need your help to safely transport children to their clinical appointments, they can be a whole host of things. All equally important, just like each of our little friends.

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I heard about your charity, listening to Pat Kenny on his morning program. I was very touched by Doctor Trish, and felt that I had to make some small effort to help you and your great team. I am an 85 year Old widow from Limerick. I felt, that it was very important for me to donate especially during the covid period, which affects us all. Continued Good wishes for your wonderful workers and god bless and keep you all safe.'



'TLM inaokoa maisha, TLM inarudisha matumaini palipoonekana hamna matumaini, TLM inarudisha tabasamu'


Chriss -Volunteer