We at TLM, are asking you to Give For Life in one of four ways:

  1. Encourage your child’s school to join our TLM Piggy Bank Campaign

  2. Buy a bundle of essential goods for TLM through inalipa.co.tz/tlm

  3. Deliver needed items to Ujasiri House at Muhimbili National Hospital

  4. Donate to TLM in cash via mpesa (0744 733 839), bank transfer (20910018156 – NMB Bank) or online here!

Inspired by the spirit of giving, community and charity associated with the period of Ramadan, Tumaini La Maisha (TLM) has launched our Give For Life campaign.





10,000 TZs Covers the cost of 10 cups of nutritional smoothie/porridge/high energy milk supplement!

40,000 TZs Covers the cost of chemotherapy for one child, for one day.

100,000 TZs Covers the cost of accurately diagnosing a child's cancer.

200,000 TZS Covers the cost of our play therapy programme for one week!

1,000,000 TZs  Covers the cost of curing a child of the most common cancer – Burkitts lymphoma

5,000,000 TZs  Supports transport costs for all patients and their guardians from MNH to their homes for three months.

10,000,000 TZs Covers the cost for complete cycle treatment for Leukemia.

100,000,000 TZs Covers the cost for setting up a new Paediatric Oncology site.

Please join us in our efforts raise a much needed 100 Million TZs to support our childhood cancer services across Tanzania.