Ten weeks of the course have just been completed (20th September 2021 – 26th November 2021). There was a lot of positivity around the course, and everything went really well. Apart from the knowledge gained among the trainees but also team bonding and the working chemistry improved further throughout the course.

Great work, desire, passion, commitment and energy from the team and team efforts made everything possible! Appreciations to TLM for supporting the course both materially (consumables) and meals during the whole period of the course; a huge thank you to facilitators and preceptors for the incredible support to trainees with great support from the Dep­artment of Teaching, Research and Consultancy at Muhimbili National Hospital and the block manager’s office. This is a team win, we’re all winners!

The job ahead for trainees is to transform the knowledge gained from the course towards making and showing the difference in the ward by inspiring excellency in clinical nursing practice both confidently and loudly whilst saving the lives of kids, which in turn was the main focus of the course.

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