SALAMA Study ‘Closing the Gap’

SALAMA (Studying Acute Leukaemia Mutations in Africa), which also means ‘safe and well’ in Swahili, is an exciting study we are delighted to form part of in collaboration with Systems Biology Ireland, University College Dublin, the Little Princess Trust UK, Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group and our colleagues and friends at Muhimbili National Hospital. Support also comes from Genuity Science, Prof. Anna Schuh at Oxford University who is also involved in social enterprise SEREN.

Key figures Prof. Jonathan Bond and Dr. Peter McCarthy will continue our long established partnership with UCD and Irish Health Institutions through the exciting study which has the potential to ‘change a good chunk of the children’s lives’ a quote from Dr Trish in a full article about SALAMA Study and it’s partners. The study will hopefully inform better treatment of Leukaemia patients and their specific case challenges through tackling the limited availability of genetic information and therefore the ‘gap’ between childhood cancer treatment in resource rich and resource poor settings.

SALAMA is possible thanks to a generous donation in excess of £78,300 / €90,390 from the Little Princess Trust, UK and in partnership with the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group. Asanteni sana!

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