International Medical Experts Supporting our Efforts

We are so fortunate to have the support of visiting experts from all over the world. Thank you sincerely to all those mentioned below for all you do to improve the lives of children with cancer in Tanzania. 

If you would like to get involved – working on Upendo & Tumaini wards, teaching on our MSc in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology or our modular nursing programme please get in touch here.

  • Dr Jane Pears

    Dr Jane Pears is an English Paediatric oncologist working at OLCHC. She has provided expert advice remotely and is very supportive of the programme generally.

  • Dr Michael McDermott

    Dr Michael McDermott is the head of the children’s pathology laboratory in OLCHC Dublin and along with the entire team of experts in the laboratory has worked tirelessly for 8 years helping with accurate diagnostic services for most children attending Upendo Ward. He has also visited the service and contributed to the training of our masters students. He is also a founding board member of Their Lives Matter in Ireland.

  • Dr Corrina McMahon

    Dr Corrina McMahon is a paediatric haematology consultant who has an expert special interest in sickle cell anaemia and other haemolytic anaemias. She is very supportive of the programme and plans a teaching visit to Dar es Salaam.

  • Dr Olga Moser

    Dr Olga Moser is a paediatric immunologist and bone marrow transplant specialist. She is based in Bonn and has visited and taught on the MSc programme.

  • Dr Brendan O’Hare

    Dr Brendan O’Hare is a paediatric anaesthetist and intensive care specialist. He has visited MNH as part of surgical teams on many occasions and has also taught the critical care module as part of the masters programme.

  • Dr Ike

    Dr Ike is a Paediatric emergency medicine physician and a trainer for Advanced Paediatric Life Support (APLS). He is a regular visitor to MNH as a visiting expert. He is from Nigeria and works at Temple Street Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

  • Dr Aengus O’Marcaigh

    Dr Aengus O’Marcaigh is a paediatric haematologist based in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin (OLCHC) in Dublin. He has visited Dar es Salaam as part of the MSc and also provides remote support for difficult haematology questions.

  • Dr Anne O’Meara

    Dr Anne O’Meara is an Irish paediatric oncologist who has done an enormous amount of outreach in her career between Vietnam and Tanzania. She has contributed hugely during her time in Tanzania – including setting and conducting examinations for the students.

  • Maureen O’Sullivan

    Maureen O’Sullivan is Professor of paediatric pathologist working at OLCHC. She has tirelessly provided her diagnostic expertise for children in Tanzania for many years. She is also advising on the structuring of a formal training programme for Sub-specialist pathologist in the field of paediatric oncology pathology.

  • Dr Cormac Owens

    Dr Cormac Owens is a Paediatric oncologist with a special interest in solid tumours. He is based in OLCHC and regularly offers remote advice to assist the service in Tanzania.

  • Dr Hannah Parks

    Dr Hannah Parks is a paediatric oncologist from the Oxford University Hospitals. She is a Founding trustee on their Lives Matter UK board. She has recently joined our visiting expert panel.

  • Ms. Rachel MacDonnell

    Ms. Rachel MacDonnell is a senior nurse specialist who is an APLS training instructor from Ireland. She has participated in the APLS training programme in OLCHC. She has organised multiple training trips to Tanzania for both APLS and basic Paediatric Life Support for doctors and nurses working at MNH.

  • Dr Amrana Qureshi

    Dr Amrana Qureshi is not only the Chairperson of Their Lives Matter UK she has also regularly visited MNH as a visiting expert in paediatric haematology. She is a paediatric haematologist based at the Oxford University Hospitals.

  • Dr Holly Robinson

    Dr Holly Robinson is a Paediatric anaesthetist and intensivist based at OLCHC and has participated in the on site APLS training module of the masters programme.

  • Mr Sean Rooney

    Mr Sean Rooney is the chief haematology laboratory scientist at OLCHC. He has visited MNH many times both to teach on the MSc Programme and also to set up Flow Cytometry for paediatric leukaemia cases. This is managed by the wonderful local team with remote assistance from Sean and is working wonderfully well.

  • Padraig Sheeran

    Not only has Padraig Sheeran directed multiple APLS training team visits to MNH he has also provided the anaesthetic expertise during surgical team visits and is a huge supporter of TLM’s work. He is based at OLCHC in Dublin.

  • Dr Lynda Sisson

    Dr Lynda Sisson is an occupational Health consultant from Ireland. She has visited and taught on the masters in that often forgotten but very important subject. She is also helping to create a modular nursing curriculum.

  • Dr Jeremy Sloane

    Dr Jeremy Sloane is a paediatric oncologist based in Botswana who is employed by Texas Children’s Hospital on an external position. He has visited Dar es Salaam and taught on the masters programme over two years and has made a very valuable contribution to the clinical service.

  • Professor Owen Smith

    Professor Owen Smith is Professor of paediatric Haematology based between OLCHC and St James’s Hospital in Dublin. He has provided regular virtual support to the programme when difficult clinical cases present and has been a great source of expertise when we need it most.

  • Dr Eamonn Tierney

    Dr Eamonn Tierney is an Irish anaesthetist based in Bahrain who has visited MNH on multiple occasions as part of visiting surgical teams working with the wonderful local experts and performing complex surgeries under difficult circumstances.

  • Dr Marie Walsh

    Dr Marie Walsh is a paediatric oncology pharmacist who has recently retired from OLCHC. She has been involved in the programme since 2007 and has visited many times and provided invaluable advice and support. She is also key to sourcing many items in Dublin which would otherwise not be available on the ward due to cost of simple access. She is a wonderful support to TLM’s work.

  • Ms Monique Wyatt

    Ms Monique Wyatt is a Harvard medical researcher based in Da es Salaam. She investigates qualitative research trends and taught a module on this topic on the MSc.

  • Mr David Grehan

    Mr David Grehan is the Head Scientist at the Histopathology Laboratory in OLCHC. He is been instrumental in setting up and overseeing the pathology out reach services offered to the Children’s Oncology service at MNH. He has also visited MNH as a visiting expert and is assisting with the development of a sub-specialist training programme for laboratory Scientists interested in Paediatric Oncology.

  • Professor Bode

    Professor Bode has been one of the senior medical mentors supporting this programme for more than 7 years. He previously set up the original paediatric oncology services in Bonn and is Professor Emeritus at University of Bonn. He was part of the team that created the masters programme that is run at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS) and has been a very active member of the teaching panel.

  • Dr Finbar Breatnach

    Dr Finbar Breatnach was the first doctor who acted as guide and mentor to this programme. He has seen the TLM programme grow from it’s beginning to where it is today. He is an Irish Paediatric oncologist who set up the first formal paediatric oncology service in Ireland. He has visited MNH many times as a visiting expert both before and during the masters and was a key advisor in the creation of the MSc. He is a founding member of the board of Their Lives Matter in Ireland.

  • Dr Clare Brenner

    Dr Clare Brenner is a Paediatric radiologist based in OLCHC in Dublin. She has visited the programme a number of times and taught an important module on the MSc both in Dar es Salaam and in Dublin. She also provides remote expert advice on difficult to interpret scans.

  • Professor Karina Butler

    Professor Karina Butler is Professor of Paediatric infectious diseases. She has been on hand regularly to provide urgently needed remote instant expert advice. She was also instrumental in creating the ESTHER supported twinning agreement in place between OLCHC (now Children’s Health Ireland) and the Children’s department of MNH.

  • Professor Martin Corbally

    Professor Martin Corbally is professor of paediatric surgery and a specialist in paediatric oncology and hepatobiliary surgery. He has visited MNH many times and worked together with the local team of surgical experts and visiting anaesthetists, operating on very complex childhood tumours. He has also contributed to the training of our paediatric oncology students.

  • Professor Sharon Cox

    Professor Sharon Cox is a Professor at Nagasaki University and taught the quantitative research on the MSc in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology at MUHAS.

  • Dr Maria Dominguez

    Dr Maria Dominguez is a general paediatrician from Salamanca in Spain. She is based at OLCHC and had a central role in tutorial based clinical teaching during the masters students elective to Dublin.

  • Dr. Ira Dunkel

    Dr. Ira Dunkel is a Member of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, Professor of Paediatrics at Weill Cornell Medical College, and Attending paediatric oncologist at Memorial Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital. During his paediatric training he spent 6 months as a fellow in paediatric infectious diseases at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  • Ms. Linda Farren

    Ms. Linda Farren runs the APLS training programme in OLCHC. She has organised multiple training trips to Tanzania for both APLS and basic Paediatric Life Support for doctors and nurses working at MNH.

  • Ms. Mary Gorman

    Ms. Mary Gorman runs the APLS training programme in OLCHC. She has organised multiple training trips to Tanzania for both APLS and basic Paediatric Life Support for doctors and nurses working at MNH.

  • Dr Jan Blatny

    Dr Jan Blatny is a specialist in Paediatric coagulation. He is based in Birno in the Czech Republic and has visited the programme and taught on the MSc. He has also advised on difficult cases remotely.

  • Dr Oskar Haas

    Dr Oskar Haas is a medical geneticist based in Zurich who visited MNH to teach on the MSc. He has also helped the programme access genetic testing services for children with presumed CML allowing them access lifelong access to free treatment.

  • Dr Roisin Hayes

    Dr Roisin Hayes is a paediatric radiologist based at OLCHC in Dublin. She regularly gives remote advice on complicated clinical questions and has lectured the MSc students during their time in OLCHC.

  • Dr Marc Hendricks

    Dr Marc Hendricks is a paediatric oncologist based in Cape Town. He has visited the programme multiple times and has always created very lively and interactive teaching sessions on the masters programme. He has also offered great advice on structural improvements to the ward and the service in general. We are grateful for his support.

  • Dr Scott Howard

    Dr Scott Howard is a paediatric oncologist and director of the World Child Cancer USA. TLM have a very close relationship with WCC USA. He has taught a module of the MSc virtually but hopefully will visit the programme very soon. He is also advising the TLM team regarding database development.

  • Dr Pat Kiely

    Dr Pat Kiely is a paediatric and adult orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in spinal surgery. He set up an Irish NGO called Straight Ahead to help children with major spinal deformities. He spent a week in MNH working with the local and an international surgical team.

  • Dr Nana Kuhn

    Dr Nana Kuhn is a Paediatric oncologist who taught on the masters programme and stayed for a month working and supporting the clinical services. She has worked overseas in a number of different programmes over her long career.

  • Dr Helen Lambkin

    Dr Helen Lambkin is a lecturer in Medical Laboratory Science based in the Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. She has visited and taught on the masters and is also supporting the development of a curriculum of sub-specialty training for histopathology scientists.

  • Dr Ronan Leahy

    Dr Ronan Leahy is a paediatric infectious disease and immunology specialist who has visited the programme as a visiting expert and supported the students during their observership at OLCHC.

  • Dr Kate Mathay

    Dr Kate Mathay is a leading expert in the field of neuroblastoma and is based in San Francisco. She has visited and taught on the MSc and has been instrumental in generating interesting clinical research around the treatment of leukaemia at MNH.