Core Strengthening and Capacity Building

To ensure TLMSP is sustainable, We Are TLM will concentrate on strengthening internal systems and existing structures. Efforts will focus on areas such as good governance, funding and operations and financial management with the following initiatives:

  • Systems and governance procedures to ensure accuracy, best possible service provision and value for donorcontribution.
  • Continued up-skilling and training for non-medical staff in the areas of organisational and donor management,administration, fundraising and programme and project management and development.
  • Complete the establishment of We Are TLM as a sustainable partner to the Ministry of Health in support of Paediatric Oncology services in Tanzania. This includes negotiating with government partners to strengthen ourrole in this national network.
  • Expand the current office space of the Hub at MNH.
  • Secure a communications system which will be reliable and free to access for all participating centres.
  • Develop financial security for the programme expanding both local and international fundraising throughcollaborating further with governmental, business, parastatal and NGO donors.
  • Expand the team to support national initiatives with a robust structural NGO development plan for We Are TLM.
  • Partner with fellow NGOs across Tanzania to develop a network of organisations to join those under the umbrella- ‘We Are TLM’