Augustine Muisyo Musyoka

KiliMarathon Project


My Name is Augustine Muisyo Musyoka. I am a laboratory Scientist and Research Coordinator at the Oncology Department of the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center. I am married and a father of three children, two beautiful daughters and a handsome son. I have been at KCMC for more than a decade and half and I have seen the inception of the Cancer Care Center with the excellent progress till this moment. At the Center we treat and care for both adult and pediatric patients.

Together with Tumaini la Maisha (TLM), KCMC has continued to support the treatment of children without medical insurance cover, including those who insurance cover is limited to only a few medical care and treatment services. These children are treated and fed without paying a dime, since they cannot afford it. They get their life and smiles back, thanks to the continued efforts of KCMC and TLM.

In early 2023, I participated in the Kilimanjaro International Tigo half-Marathon (21Km) race and clocked 2hrs and 02minutes. I also participated in the Kili-Marathon 2023 -TLM Fundraising activity where I was able to raise funds exceeding my set target amount. All this went to TLM and in Turn to KCMC Oncology Department to continue supporting treatment and care of children with Cancer.

Thank you to all well-wishers who participated in this fundraising through my page or other fundraiser’s pages too.

In the Kilimanjaro 2024 international marathon, I am delighted to declare I will run again for TLM and raise funds for Children with Cancer treated at KCMC Oncology department. I will run 21km again with a target of clocking a 1hr 50minutes of below, all for raising funds for Children with Cancer at KCMC.

Please join me in raising funds as a well-wisher for continued support towards treatment of children with Cancer at KCMC. Your contribution will be spent diligently to purchase medication, medical consumables and pay for diagnostics services for these children.



TSh 90000 of 2000000 raised