Summary of Annual Upendo/Tumiani/Ujasiri programme costs


(TLM Paediatric oncology programme at MNH)

Medical Costs

Medical programme costs 200,000USD annually


This includes:

  • All chemotherapy

  • All antimicrobials

  • All specialised biopsy needles

  • Nurses overtime

  • Reagent for specialist haematology test

  • Overseas pathology contribution


500 new children are treated annually.

150 children continue treatment from previous years.


Medical treatment per child costs 300USD per year or

Medical treatment per child costs 25USD per month.


Non medical supports

Non medical support programme costs 200,000USD annually.


This includes:

  • All 18 TLM staff (teachers, play, palliative care, driver, family liaison, admin and data managers, nutrition attendant)

  • Nutrition costs 

  • House running costs

  • Office running costs

  • Database

  • Counselling services

  • School costs

  • Adult skills training for parents

  • All service contracts


Professional education programme

Professional Education Programme costs 200,000USD annually:


This includes:

  • MSc Paediatric haematology oncology at MUHAS

  • Modular Paediatric haematology oncology programme for nurses

  • MMed in pathology (2 candidates)

  • MSc Paedaitric oncology pathology at UCD and MUHAS

  • Modular Laboratory Scientist programme in histolpathology sub-speciality training

  • Palliative care certificate - 2 candidates

  • Refresher courses in Flow cytometry training

  • Clinical placement for Clinical Engineer at OLCHC.