Play & Therapeutic 

Therapeutic Play Tool Kit

The manual is available in English and Kiswahili version, explaining how to play with children who are sick or traumatized in a controlled, fun and therapeutic way. The manual was sponsored by our good friends at Children in Crossfire. 


Chemokaspar is a beautiful little book originally created by the ICCCPO group. It gently and simply explains chemotherapy to children. It was translated into KiSwahili and is available here to be downloaded free for any KiSwahili speaking groups.

Moyo Wa Mtoto

Moyo Wa Mtoto is another little story book for the children. It was written and designed on Upendo Children’s cancer ward and in Muhimbili National Hopsital. It follows the journey of Moyo, a little bear with cancer as he and his Mum attend Upendo ward for treatment. It is available in both English and Swahili.

Moyo – Heart

Follow Moyo’s journey around our childhood cancer ward to see a day in the life of one of our special patients. #WeAreTLM #PamojaTunaweza

 ‘My scans’ by I draw Childhood Cancer

 Angus Olsen began creating visual resources for children and families facing childhood cancer   when his 2 year old daughter Jane was diagnosed with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma or ERMS   in 2016. I draw Childhood Cancer’s website and FaceBook page have many resources and offer   visual stories about life and daily routines with childhood cancer. They kindly agreed for us to   translate their book ‘My Scans’ into Kiswahili for our children, the english version can be found here.

Sammy spider stays safe 

Sammy spider stays safe written by Diedre Corrigan and illustrated by Sarah Cunningham explains corona virus to children from ages 3-8 through the eye of a spider. ​

 Animal exercise fun

With Animal Exercise Fun, you and your children will mimic the natural movements of animals from around the world to learn: breathing, stretching, balance, aerobic, and relaxation exercises

Paul and the Dragon

Paul and the dragon is a wonderful psycho-social resource made available from the American Childhood Cancer Organization, and Vereniging Ouders Kinderen en Kanker, The short film, without words to be accessible for all, tells the journey of Paul fighting the dragon (his cancer) and all the different elements of his journey fighting the dragon. The children absolutely love watching Paul beat the dragon and our amazing psycho-social staff do a wonderful job of helping the children relate to Paul and find solace and strength in his victory. 


The activities here take place on the ward, at bedsides and in the procedure room. They help in engaging the children with their carer on a one to one basis. 

BED Program

This program here provides daily activities to the children admitted who are unable to attend the school programme in the classroom due to being too weak, in isolation or attached to a drip. 

Sungura & Tembo Therapeutic programs

The Sungura program available here is for kids ages 3-8 and the Tembo program here is for ages 8-16 and are used to explore the most challenging issues faced with children at these ages who have been diagnosed with cancer and are admitted in the hospital for treatment. 

Physio Exercise Manual

Available here is a guidance manual to fun, psychological and educational developmental needs for children.

Music Therapy Manual

The music manual sponsored by Children In Crossfire provides teachers with practical instructions and advice for using music as a means of achieving therapeutic goals.

Guided Play therapy 6 weeks programme

The programme available here assess the emotional need and wellbeing of the children currently admitted and aims to work with children between the ages of 5 and 14.