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Built in Microsoft Excel software based,our automated Chemotherapy HACPP (Highly Automated Chemotherapy Prescription Programme) SAFE Chemo was adopted to replace manual hand written Chemotherapy so as to reduce human errors prone inherent, decrease toxicity and increase treatment efficiency.

Previously all chemotherapy prescriptions were entirely handwritten with all protocol decisions, calculations and modifications the prescribing doctors responsibility. These decisions are complex and error prone with significant (sometimes life-threatening) consequency to the patient. The process was also very time consuming.

We conducted the survey on the significance of the automated chemotherapy prescription and manual prescription. Twelve replies from international centres confirmed automated chemotherapy prescribing is neither universal nor comprehensive. Reviewing 124 randomly selected manual chemotherapy sheets revealed over 200 errors, including, dosage, quantity, frequency, timing, modification errors, missing clinical information and protocol directed response-to-treatment (RTT) actions.

There is no programme like this anywhere in the world as all available chemotherapy prescribing programmes assume senior specialists are on site. Another difference is that the available tools are expensive and designed for use in Europe and North America. Our programme will be free to sites who need it and built with resource limited centres in mind. This programme truly has the potential to change to way children’s (and adults) cancer services are delivered across the world.

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TLM is a Tanzanian based NGO dedicated to providing free and curative care for all children with cancer in Tanzania.

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