Amani’s story is one of absolute bravery, hope, and triumph. A story of how dreams flourish even in the darkest moments.

Just like any other 10 year old boy, Amani loves playing football, video games and enjoys a good laugh with his fellow mates.
After returning home from school one day his mother noticed a small swelling on his neck not bigger than a maize grain and initially dismissing it as a mosquito bite. However, as the days went by the little swelling continued to grow and that was when his grandfather took him in to see the doctor at Mbeya referral hospital which is one of TLM’s partner sites. The diagnosis delivered a devastating blow- cancer.

Swiftly, the hospital coordinated with TLM, facilitating transportation- one of the services provided by TLM for all children. Amani and his grandmother came to Muhimbili National hospital where he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Amani’s battle against cancer began, it was not easy as the combination of his disease and chemotherapy affected his appetite leading to severe weight loss. Luckily with the support of TLM’s locally sourced fresh whole food nutrition program- fruit smoothies, magic porridge, coconut based suppliements and pea-based protein body building balls, Amani’s immunity and strength returned over time.

As soon as Amani felt a little better he insisted on restarting his studies. He did not want this cancer diagnosis to get in the way of his school progress. With TLM’s educational program, he has been able to not only catch up on all his lessons but also sit and pass his standard 4 national exams with flying colours – all the while receiving chemotherapy every 2 weeks.

Amani dreams of becoming a doctor, but not just any doctor but a Clown doctor like one of our TLM playteam, who uses jokes and laughter to aid in healing the sick.

Let’s all continue to help Amani and kids like him fulfil their dreams but supporting TLM’s activities and programs through the link here.