Benny- The Little Warrior

Over 8 years ago when he was just 2 years old Benny was diagnosed to have a cancer in his kidney called Wilms tumour. Through TLM Ben was transported to Dar es salaam, where he was treated with chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy.

Sadly, at the end of all of this strong treatment Benny was unfortunately found to have a large new tumour at the site where his kidney cancer had been removed. A new tumour growing through all we had to offer him. There was no second line treatment available. So, we had no other option but to send Benny back home where he re-joined his siblings and family to wait for the inevitable.
There was no hope he would make it more than a few months.

And then… Just a few weeks before Christmas 2021… 8 years after he was sent home to die….. Benny’s mother called one of the TLM social staff to say hello. And she had the most surprising DELIGHTFUL news – Benny is now in standard 5 doing great in school and has never had any further health problems at all. We couldn’t believe our ears and eyes!! Benny, our beautiful Christmas miracle. Benny is a reminder to us all even during the most difficult of times that anything is possible and we should never give up hope.