Tumaini La Maisha is to give hope to the families battling childhood cancer. Through the National Childhood Cancer Network (NCCN). We were drawn specifically to a family from central zone that had previously endured tragedy and the mother had lost all hope. The mother, who is now a childhood cancer survivor of retinoblastoma which is the cancer of the eye and who’s had 3 children all who suffered from the same type of cancer but unfortunately all 3 died. Her now fourth child who is 10 months old has also been diagnosed with the same kind of cancer for both eyes.

With building and establishing the NCCN which we have now 15 partner sites we were able to have Gloria and her mother walk through our doors and help restore the hope that was lost but also provide the care and treatment that Gloria needs. We are working closely with the ophthalmologists around the country to help save at least one of Gloria’s eyes.

We thank all our donors, friends and supporters for always donating and being involved in all TLM initiatives to help save lives, but we ask you not to stop there and to continue so that hope can be restored in families such as Gloria’s.