Tracy’s journey began with pain and uncertainty, her young spirit burdened by a mysterious illness. At just 7 years old, she faced a relentless swelling in her right thigh after falling off her bike, hindering her ability to walk and the pain stealing her appetite. Nights were fraught with fever, casting a shadow over her already frail frame. But Tracy’s story took a turn when she walked through our doors.

Here, a dedicated team of specialists gathered around Tracy, determined to uncover the root of her suffering. Through a series of investigations, including imaging and biopsies, the diagnosis emerged: localized osteosarcoma, a cancer of the bone lurking in her femur.

Yet, alongside this daunting reality came another challenge—acute malnutrition. For Tracy and her family, especially her mother who has been by her side throughout, the news was devastating. Sadly an essential part of Tracy’s treatment included an amputation of her leg. But amidst the darkness, rays of hope began to pierce through. With the initiation of chemotherapy provided free of charge by TLM, Tracy’s pain receded.

Guided by our nutrition team, she began to gain weight even during her tough treatment. She also found fun and play with our clown doctors and teachers, weaving laughter and learning into her days.

With each cycle of chemotherapy, Tracy’s strength returned. Despite the challenge of an amputated leg, she has not let that define or restrict her as she continues to run around joyfully and participating wholeheartedly in every activity with her friends.

Today, Tracy’s journey continues, fuelled by the love and support of all our incredible donors on her ongoing fight against cancer, she remains a beautiful example of the endless possibilities of hope.