Isam Hamisi

Isam Hamisi is a 5yrs old little boy. He has 3 older brothers and one little sister. He’s had a tough start in life as first he was diagnosed with HIV at birth needing lifelong antiretroviral. Poor chap has also had TB although thankfully 6 months
of medications cleared that up. One month before he arrived to Upendo Children’s Cancer ward his little tummy started hurting. A few days later it started to swell and he began to cough and throw up. His Mama knew something was seriously wrong. Her worst fears were confirmed when he landed on our ward -scans revealed a large belly tumour and fluid on his lungs. A sample was taken by our surgeons which revealed a cancer called Burkett’s Lymphoma – this is the fastest growing tumour we know of – doubling in size every 24 hours.

By then poor Isam’s tummy was very swollen and there was no time to loose. We started his chemotherapy immediately- which is a combination of 3 drugs that have been around for over 70 years and costs only 30 USD per cycle. He needs 6 cycles in total. Although this is a super fast-growing tumour – with the right treatment it shrinks just as quickly. We’re so thrilled with his progress and expect him to make a full recovery.

At TLM we try to add some positive experiences for a family and child who has been through this terrible ordeal. One support we will offer Isam, thanks to you – and long after his cancer has been hopefully cured – is to pay for his government medical insurance until he is 18 years old. With his complex medical history we hope this will go some way to give his family some relief – knowing health care will be free and accessible throughout his childhood.