Fredy- Come one, Come all

After noticing her son’s illness slowly deteriorating, Fredy’s mother became increasingly worried and made the decision to travel to Dar es Salaam from Morogoro to get some much needed help from Tumaini la Maisha. Incredibly, Fredy’s mum journeyed from upcountry at five months pregnant

It was found that Fredy was suffering from a kidney tumour.
Despite being heavily pregnant and even after the delivery of her second child, Fredy’s mum stayed right by his side during his entire treatment.

Fredy underwent a nephrectomy, the surgical removal of his kidney, to remove the source of his disease. Fantastically, both Fredy and his new sibling are in a happy and stable condition. They will soon be leaving the hospital to Morogoro returning to their lives before this scary illness.

Fredy’s mother felt that it was the love from the other mothers and the TLM family that kept her going through these difficult times. It is that love that inspires her to continue this journey and fight for her children no matter what.

It is something special to witness the love, determination and pure grit these mothers demonstrate each and everyday. It continues to inspire our work and it would be impossible to do what we do without their support and motivation.