Supportive care Manual for doctors

Please click below to download our manual to assist doctors in the management of children with cancer.

Doctors pocket guide.  Paediatric Oncology & Haematology Supportive Care Handbook.


Supportive care manual for nurses

Please click here to download our English Nursing manual and here for the Kiswahili version. This manual was devised to assist nurses in the management of children with cancer. This manual was entirely created and designed by the team at ASLAN for use in their programme in Ethiopia and is attached here with their very kind permission. Nursing pocket guide. 

Paediatric Oncology Short Course Nursing Materials 

Take a look at our nursing short course Handbook! Contributions from Dr Trish, Dr Mkoka, Gift Lukumay and Colleen Nixon. 

Nursing Course Pre-Test

Preceptor Feedback Form. 

Preceptor Expectations. 

Paediatric Oncology Nursing logbook. 

Palliative Care course

Other resources! 

Parent Handbook 

Pharmacy Handbook 

Malaria prevention Flipchart. 

Nutrition Flipchart. 

Nutrition smoothie, porridge, F100 & protein body building balls Recipes

Medical Resources