NEWS JUST IN!!!!!!!!!!


Sammy Spider - A delightful tale of one little spiders struggle to understand the recent cleaning frenzy..... beautifully written by Deirdre Corrigan (and illustrated by Sarah Cunningham),

as a fun way to explain Corona virus to her grandchildren...

And all proceeds supporting the efforts of children's cancer charity Their Lives Matter...  😁 🕷🕸


Making sense of Covid & lockdown for children aged 3-8. 

€10 plus P&P. All proceeds to Children’s Cancer in Tanzania

We are so grateful to the school age children from all over the globe who support We Are TLM's work. Whether through our Piggy Bank Campaigns fundraising and awareness in Dar es Salaam schools Campaigns, school projects in Ireland or special efforts dreamt up by children themselves. Every effort by children to support their peers battling cancer on our wards is a show of friendship, compassion and solidarity - you are TLM!! See some these wonderful efforts below and contact us here if you would like help with an idea of yours!

Elsie's Sleep-out!

Elsie hosted a sleep out on her trampoline outside to raise money for the children of TLM! Click on her image to learn more about fundraising ideas!

Grace's Service of Light


Tanzeela our Piggy Bank Champ

Click on each picture for more details!

We are so grateful to you all for your wonderful work and support. We look forward to hearing from you!

Jack and his Mask!