Kids Corner

We are so grateful to the school age children from all over the globe who support We Are TLM’s work. Whether through our Piggy Bank Campaigns fundraising and awareness in Dar es Salaam schools Campaigns, school projects in Ireland or special efforts dreamt up by children themselves. Every effort by children to support their peers battling cancer on our wards is a show of friendship, compassion and solidarity – you are TLM!! See some these wonderful efforts below and contact us here if you would like help with an idea of yours!

  • Elsie’s Sleep-out!

    Elsie’s Sleep-out!

    Elsie hosted a sleep out on her trampoline outside to raise money for the children of TLM! Click on her image to learn more about fundraising ideas!

  • Jack and his Mask!

    Jack and his Mask!

    Masks for TLM

  • Tanzeela


    Our Piggy Bank Champ

  • Cathy Connolly

    Cathy Connolly

    I was asked in school to write about someone who is inspiratonal to me and I chose Dr. Trish Scanlan.

  • Aanika and Rina

    Aanika and Rina

    Thanks to the efforts of two very special students and the support of their peers

  • Reader Rabbits

    Reader Rabbits

    In 2020, Reader Rabbits, the little Primary School with the huge heart, contributed a staggering 37+ million Tanzanian Shillings to help children

  • Grace’s Service of Light

    Grace’s Service of Light

    ‘The person who inspires me most …’

  • Laura Heery

    Laura Heery

    Tanzania – a family project

  • Alqaim Lalani

    Alqaim Lalani

    In 2015, Alqaim Lalani then a student of the International School of Tanganyika (IST) led a group called the ‘Cancer Initiative’.