Inspirational Stories – Stories That Matter!

The power of diagnostics lies in the ability to empower and transform the lives of the beautiful little patients that we care for. We share inspirational patient stories of the brave and fearless little individuals who have lived with tough medical conditions but have fought their way through with the help of each one of you. We Are TLM live by the saying-  Alone we do a little, together we do so much!

  • Amani


    Amani finds solace, strength, and the tools necessary to navigate his journey with courage and grace.

  • Tariq



  • Brighton


    The power of the NCCN!

  • Naomi


    The power of the NCCN!

  • Gloria


    The power of the NCCN!

  • Abistina


    The power of the NCCN!

  • Sophia’s Story

    Sophia’s Story

    The power of the NCCN!

  • Fredy- Come one, Come all

    Fredy- Come one, Come all

    A mothers love has no limit

  • Iddy & Hamiyar

    Iddy & Hamiyar

    Two siblings fighting the same cancer battle

  • Esther


    The cancer patient who beat all odds

  • Bakari Dunia

    Bakari Dunia

    Parents are indeed their children’s first hero and a mother’s instinct should never be ignored.

  • Meet Masanga

    Meet Masanga

    A young boy who showed us that his cancer would only be a chapter in his life and not his whole story.

  • Gladness Lusana

    Gladness Lusana

    This story features a little girl who showed us that superheroes do indeed live in the hearts of small children fighting big battles.

  • Isam Hamisi

    Isam Hamisi

    The incredible young boy who fought through the toughest times.

  • Benny – The Little Warrior

    Benny – The Little Warrior

    Our little miracle child who brought us Christmas cheer in the midst of uncertainty

  • Dorcas The Unstoppable

    Dorcas The Unstoppable

    The little girl who did not let cancer bring her to her knees, but to her feet instead.